In today’s digital world, the market place and social networking have revolutionized the buying experience of consumers. Consumers are becoming smarter by the day and brands are eager to cater to their demands and also create mind space for more visibility.  From ordering food online to shopping via numerous apps living in luxury modern homes which are having much-advanced technologies, we have come a long way, indeed. Initially, the ease of access and adaptability towards the digital domain was experienced by a certain age group ranging from 15-35, but now with the plethora of options, people across all age groups are getting acquainted and accustomed to the process of online buying.

In the recent times, the BFSI sector advancements in the digital domain have also proven beneficial for the customers as they can carry out majority of the banking transactions via apps and websites. Digital penetration has surely brought ease of convenience, quick access, time being saved and many more positive aspects to our lives. In a fast-paced life, one must simply extract a few minutes and the work can be carried out in a jiffy.

In line with the trend, now real-estate property developers are exploring the concept of making homes available to buy online. When one can book tickets from the comfort of their home, why shouldn’t they be able to book a house online? Well, this cue has found an answer. The customers will be able to view the house they are willing to buy, on their screens with the help of a 360-degree view, virtual reality tours, floorplans, detailed specifications, pricing and other necessary information. Post deciding on the property, they can simply click on the option of buying home, pay the nominal booking amount mentioned and be proud home-owners! The online process omits the hassle of visiting numerous properties and then booking the house which is a time-consuming affair. Technology really is advancing at an extremely fast pace and has made home-buying a swift yet reliable process.

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