Buyers have evolved with time and they are constantly becoming more aware of how to spend their money and to invest in the right place. The buyers are craving for better opportunities that not only fulfil their requirements but also accounts for hassle-free buying. With technology intervening at every point in our lives, the process of understanding and evaluating has become easier as the information reaches customers at the blink of an eye. Also, post the implication of RERA, which provides the buyers with a guarantee from the builder, has led to a higher trust rate in the market. Thus, the sellers must now be extra cautious while selling a real estate property & making promises to the prospective buyers.

Presently, the concept of ‘home’ has become smarter thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT); latest security systems & other innovations being incorporated. The ease of living has seen a clear upward shift with these advanced technologies. People have readily accepted the new change which always allows them to be at comfort and tension-free about their home. Newer innovations are attracting buyers as they indeed make a luxury modern home, independent & smart. Now, if the traditional concept of ‘home’ is getting upgraded, why shouldn’t there be a shift in buying a home? As of now, we are still following the traditional method of visiting a property & finalizing it by being present physically. This process could become smarter if the buyers could take a 360-degree e-tour of the desired property on-screen and book the house online by submitting a token amount. Sounds convenient, right? Well, it surely is & it will definitely change the business of real-estate industry, which will also be at par with the fast-pacing world, embracing technology & incorporating innovation.

Ace developers are looking ahead of times and incorporating new means to add comfort for the buyers right from first step; viewing the house, to when they become proud owners. They are leaving no stone unturned in fulfilling every expectation for premium homes of the customer, which is a great way to establish trust and a great perception in their minds.



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