The real estate industry is evolving with each passing year. There are numerous developers and builders that are trying to carve a niche for themselves in the market and create a benchmark that makes them stand out of the rest. The idea is no more restricted to delivering exceptional and user-friendly Premium flats, now the boundaries have been pushed further. The developers are strategizing their position in the market based on a customer-centric approach, which caters to the whims and demands of the customers. This has truly become a rising factor that positions the brand in the market accordingly.

Customer experience is a wider terminology than customer service. The former starts before, during and continues even after the purchase of the product/service. A positive experience has affirmative effects on the mind of the customers, which in turn is beneficial for the brand. As per a survey, 71% of senior leaders believe that customer experience is the new competitive battleground and one must grab every opportunity to emerge victorious at it. If the brand is giving extra assistance to the customers to identify with them at every level, then it is bound to benefit the brand in heaps. In the digitally advanced era of today, it is paramount to engage with the existing as well as the prospective customers in a prompt manner. Not to mention, a superior customer experience impresses the customers, thereby developing trust and liking towards the brand. Central Park is providing the most attractive and most luxurious apartments in Gurgaon and thereby satisfying all the needs of our customers.

Brands across industries are shifting towards this ideology, Central Park is one of them. Central Park always focuses on a customer-first approach and believes in carefully listening to the customer. Central Park concepts are built basis careful consideration on the requirements and needs of customers, be it in the area of asset specifications or world-class amenities and services emphasizing on comfort, convenience, recreation and health & welfare. Central Park aims to not only fulfil what was promised but aims to supersede expectations, complementing their tag-line “expect the world” by constructing the luxury modern homes which are affordable and attractive. To quote an example, the entire Master Plan of Central Park Resorts did not include the concept of ‘no vehicles on the ground surface’, however this was an afterthought by the developer integrated the concept by constructing a tunnel for cars to enter and park, with only golf carts for transportation on the ground level. This has reaped huge benefits in terms of safety & security as well as a reduction of noise and air pollution and truly attributes to how Central Park believes in walking the extra mile for residents.The relationship formed with customers begins from the very first step and does not end at possession, it is a duty to impart the most superior experience besides the luxurious homes. Central Park believes in providing an experience that must always be impeccable and perfect!

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