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central park customers
Mr. Sanjeev Singh Channel Partner in Central Park

“Apart from being a Channel Partner, I am also a proud customer of Central Park. My experience has been brilliant with the brand. As a Channel Partner, when we speak to other customers about the Central Park services, the good tone is already set. Apart from providing world-class services, Central Park lays emphasis on the satisfaction of consumers and their problems are always looked into with due attention. I am extremely gratified to work with such a brand that delivers landmarks and toils for offering high-quality services.”

Sanjeev Singh, Channel Partner
Mr & Mrs Sethi Resident of Central Park Resort

"Central Park Resorts is a place where all your desires get fulfilled. Starting from the luxurious club to acres of lush greenery, every nook and corner imparts a sense of astonishment. The manner in which all the festivities are commemorated in the premises is commendable. The kid’s play area is so well-constructed that when our friends visit, their children rush there to play. We are very happy with our majestic way of living at Central Park Resorts."

Mr. Atin Sethi & Mrs. Jasleen Sethi
Dr. Meena Mahaajjan Resident of Central Park

"Central Park has endorsed all of the good aspects of environment preservation and restoration. The feeling of inner peace assures that your loved ones can also feel the warmth. The intelligence with which it is created is not just about the money, but the intention of the creation, that is to bestow the best feeling on all the residents. Everybody enjoys a life of contentment with every sort of luxury, thus it makes a happy living for everybody."

Dr. Meena Mahaajjan
Ms. Preeti Resident of Central Park

"It’s been 2 years since we shifted to Central Park and the experience has been wonderful. The ambience of the place, services and the staff working here has exceptional abilities to keep you delighted always. The efficient security system, jogging track and the affable environment is a boon to the elderly people. The living standard at Central Park meets the standard of an international living place which imparts luxury and comfort."

Ms. Preeti
Mr. Sandeep Kumar Resident of Central Park

"The experience of staying in Central Park has been really pleasurable with perfect amenities and luxury adorning our every moment. It feels delightful to stay in such a remarkable and disciplined place with our family.”

Mr. Sandeep Kumar
GBS Wadhwa Resident of Central Park

I was looking for a ready-to-move-in property, so I visited Central Park and fell in love at the first glance. There are so many appealing factors like the breathtaking beauty of nature at the Central Greens, calm and children-friendly premises and a plethora of amenities that surpass any other township. Barely a week post I shifted here, it already felt like home to me. What impressed me most is despite a busy road; the condominium has a serene ambience. My family supported me in the decision of shifting to Central Park Resorts and we as a family, are extremely happy to have taken this decision.

Mr. Ashok Jha Resident of Central Park Flower Valley

After getting acquainted with the luxurious properties of Central Park Golf Course Road & Central Park Resorts, I was instantly convinced to book a villa at Central Park Flower Valley. The location, area and amenities at the township are immense and are in sync with everyone’s prerequisites. Ready-to-experience amenities like the spa services, multi-cuisine restaurant, swimming pool and children’s amusement park are truly the icing on the cake. I am excited to move-in to my new residence at the earliest, which promises to impart wholesome living.

Mr. PK Gupta Resident of Central Park Resort

6 months at Central Park Resorts were ample for me and my family to determine how wonderful our new home is. All mundane to extraordinary requirements get fulfilled here without any need to step out of the premises. The cooperative and friendly neighbourhood reminds me of the places outside India. The sumptuous food served at the restaurants is a treat to our taste buds, with KalyanaSundaram being my personal favourite. Not to forget the social events held here that impart a majestic feel to the ambience. I am absolutely in awe of this beautiful residence.

Mr. Rohit Kapoor Central Park Associate

I am associated with Central Park and I am grateful to the team for being so helpful, affable and supportive throughout my tenure. As a brand, our focus is on luxury lifestyle coupled with safety and security. Modern lifestyle, multi-cuisine restaurants, widespread greenery and world-class amenities are some of our concepts that we vouch upon. We like to impart a big platter of facilities to our residents for an incredible stay. It feels great to be associated with such a great organization.

Maj Gen P.M.Vats Resident of Central Park Resort

“The widespread greenery and well-maintained lawns are the USPs of Central Park Resorts. The world-class amenities are adept to cater to all age groups fulfilling minute requirements. Coming from an army background, sports facilities and the living standards captivated me. When my loved ones became familiar about the property, they found it to be perfect for a world-class living. One highly appreciable part is the exquisite way in which every nook and corner is taken care of. We are extremely content with the decision to be settled at Central Park Resorts.”

Maj. Gen P.M.Vats
Mr. Surinder Kaushik & Mr. Virender Singh Central Park Associate

"The team of Central Park is excellent. They have always worked together to extend support to the channel partners and have done a wonderful job. Every brand promises transparency but Central Park duly fulfills it. The team has worked relentlessly on every minute detail and focuses on imparting the perfect experience to the customer. Working with Central Park is like working with family. Timely delivery, customer commitment has been their forte and under Mr. Bakshi & Mr. Nanda's able guidance, it will surely become India's No.1 real-estate company."

Mr. Surinder Kaushik & Mr. Virender Singh
Aryan Realty
Mr. Varun Ahuja Employee in Central Park

"I want to congratulate the outstanding team of Central Park for their impeccable work in the last quarter. Selling Central Park as a home to the prospective customers always gives me a sense of satisfaction as they rightfully deliver what was promised to the customer. In fact, mostly more than what was promised. The ardent team of Central Park has extended continuous support to the channel partners and have helped them achieve greater heights."

Mr. Varun Ahuja
Plush Homes
Mr. Sanjeev Singh Resident of Central Park

"Central Park is a place very close to my heart. Besides selling the property, I am also a proud owner here. It gives me immense assurance to be selling something that I firmly believe in and displays my conviction towards the brand. Out of the plethora of USPs that Central Park Flower Valley possesses, clean fresh air and huge parking space are two such USPs that will surely attract more buyers."

Mr. Sanjeev Singh
SKJ Properties
Mr. Ravish Sharma Central Park Associate

"Working with Central Park doesn't make me feel like an outsider. In fact, it feels like we are selling our own product. Due to the constant support & encouragement, we get from the team, there is immense positivity and interest while dealing with Central Park. I am thankful to the team of Central Park for imparting a splendid experience throughout and I can say it with utmost sincerity that I haven't had a better experience with any other brand."

Mr. Ravish Sharma
Bharat & Co.
Mr. Ankur Seth Channel Partner in Central Park

"I am thankful to Central Park for an encouraging journey for the past 9 years. I am proud & confident to have sold the inventory as I am not just a channel partner but have been an employee as well. Central Park has been my 2nd home always as the team is very cordial, supportive and easy-to-work-with. The sales, CRM, and finance team has handled every minute detail impeccably. Nanda Ji is my role model whose helpful nature and farsighted approach has taken Central Park to greater heights. I look forward to a life-long association with Central Park."

Mr. Ankur Seth
Brick by Brick
Mr. Abbas Gapangaj Central Park Associate

"I have been associated with Central Park for quite some time now and one thing I can say with confidence. While other real-estate brands in India talk about offering homes, Central Park talks about offering a luxurious lifestyle. They are known for their concept based properties and create class-apart homes for the residents. Being a well-established group of India, Central Park never fails to impress the customers."

Mr. Abbas Gapangaj
AAB Realty
central park review
central park

"It's been 7 years since we shifted to Central Park Resorts and the experience has been amazing from the beginning. The facilities and amenities have increased manifold and there are new ones being added every now & then. The children's amusement area, choice of restaurants & sports academies make it a favourite place for my daughters who enjoy playing sports and relishing yummy food. Another remarkable factor is the polite & courteous staff who is always willing to put their best foot forward towards the service of the residents. The location is also of great advantage as highways are in proximity, making it convenient to travel."

Ms. Pooja
Proud resident of Central Park. central park
Mrs. Mira Gidwani Resident of Central Park Resorts
central park

"I am extremely proud to have chosen Central Park as my residence. I have been to various places worldwide but the hospitality imparted here is exceptionally commendable. Another impressive amenity is their impressive round-the-clock security, which makes the residents feel safe & secure always. The international tunnel is an exclusive facility, which enhances our stay at Central Park Resorts, leaving an abundance of space for greenery on the ground floor. My son loves relishing Italian food at Da Mauro, the Italian Restaurant with Resorts premises, and every time he visits, Da Mauro is always on his to-do list. Everything about Central Park is excellent and remarkable."

Mrs. Mira Gidwani
Proud resident of Central Park Resorts. central park
Mrs. & Mr. Mathur Resident of Central Park Resorts
central park

"We made the best decision of our lives by shifting to Central Park Resorts. It offers self-contained living, which is perfect for all ages. The mesmerizing view of nature from the balcony and the refreshing atmosphere is a wonderful way to begin your day. The emphasis on minute details is remarkable and is undoubtedly the best in Gurugram. The secured surroundings and plethora of activities for kids not only enhances their competitive & social skills but also makes them increasingly independent. We are very happy with the wholesome living provided at Central Park Resorts and cherish every moment spent here."

Mrs. & Mr. Mathur
Proud resident of Central Park Resorts. central park
Ritu & Raj Ahuja Resident of Central Park Resorts
central park

"We are extremely happy to be residing at Central Park Resorts. It is a perfect example of natural-resort living where everything is just around the corner. Widespread greenery & minimal pollution imparts an ecstatic experience, making it an ideal place for holistic living. Three things that sum up resort living include the International living standards, premium hospitality & 5-star luxury amenities"

Ritu & Raj Ahuja
Proud resident of Central Park Resorts. central park
Mr. Gaurav Makkar Resident of Central Park
central park

"It has been an incredible experience being a resident at Central Park Resorts. Being a sportsperson, the running track, all-weather swimming pool, safe & secure environment, no traffic and pollution-free surroundings have eased my life as I can practice sports at any given time of the day without any setback. We don't have to plan a weekend getaway as every day is like a resort getaway at Central Park! My family & I are extremely happy to be living here"

Mr. Gaurav Makkar
Proud Resident of Central Park. central park
Mrs. & Mr. Chadha Resident of Central Park
central park

"We are glad & extremely fortunate to have made the choice of shifting to Central Park Resorts. Every amenity of Central Park Resorts is enjoyable right from sports facilities, salon services to widespread greenery & pollution-free surroundings. It is a divine feeling to go for a morning walk followed by a self -indulging time at the juice bar. The level of comfort & convenience is par excellence and it is an experience of true resort living."

Mrs. & Mr. Chadha
Proud Resident of Central Park. central park
Mrs. Sunita Khanna Resident of Central Park Resorts
central park

"Staying in Central Park Resorts, I have increased my lifespan by at least 10 years. It is a paradise on earth. Thank you Mr. Bakshi, for building such a wonderful society!"

Mrs. Sunita Khanna
Proud Resident of Central Park Resorts. central park
Ms. Adriana Resdient of Central park The Room
central park

"A humble note of appreciation for the unconditional support imparted by the avid team of Central Park. I firmly believe the living experience of a condominium strengthens by its people & support. The team has shown tremendous guidance, motivation & professionalism by making everyone feel at home even away from home. It's an extremely comfortable stay here & I plan to invite other Columbians to come & experience the Central Park “way of living”. I am immensely overwhelmed by the seamless service and credit the entire team for successful efforts in making expatriates feel so welcome."

Ms. Adriana Eddy Cortes Idarraga
Proud Resident of The Room, Central Park. central park
Mr. & Mrs. Vivek Resident Of Central Park Resorts
central park

"Central Park is an exceptional place to live in. Detailed attention to design & construction, helpful & courteous staff, plenty of dining options, all-around security, maintenance and upkeep of the entire resort with well-manicured greenery, assures the residents of an alluring stay. I often look forward to festivals as Central Park makes distinct efforts in organizing celebrations for residents. Central Park has gone a long way in providing us more than what was promised. I am fortunate I made this choice to come to Central Park Resorts."

Mrs. & Mr. Vivek
President & CEO Oerlikon Drive Systems, India central park
Mr. Mandeep S. Lamba Resident Of Central Park Resorts
central park

"Life at Central Park is just perfect. I don't usually look back at life and regret. But this time I did, when I sold my apartment at Central Park. But soon after, the property seemed to be leaving no stone unturned to make me regret my decision to sell it. Acres of well-maintained greenery with the facilities like doorstep delivery from three different restaurants, choice of five specialty cuisines, housekeeping by professionals, a fully operational car wash and a luxury club were just some of the differentiators that were beckoning me. The smart thing to do was to buy a house again at Central Park Resorts."

Mr. Mandeep S. Lamba
MRICS, Managing Director - India, Hotels & Hospitality Group Jones Lang Lasalle central park
Mrs. Anu Bedi Resident of Central Park Resort
central park

" There is so much to enjoy and explore in the Central Park Resorts. Nothing made me realise this more than, when on one of our foreign trips my daughter asked at 5 pm, "Mom, when can I go and play in the children's park? Am missing it." To be honest, just like my daughter, I miss home too, I don't feel the need to step out of Central Park Resorts."

Mrs. Anu Bedi
World Traveller. Homemaker. Proud Central Park Resorts Resident. central park
Mr. Edward Hill Photographer For Central Park Resorts
central park

Manicured-to-perfection greens, an exclusive tunnel driveway entrance, fine dining restaurants – and those were merely the amenities I saw in the first look.There were further surprising facilities like Housekeeping, a Pet Hotel, a Juice Bar, even a Concierge, which I’ve found at very few residences abroad! I’m always eager to shoot for Central Park. I have pencilled them in as special priority in my diary.

Mr. Edward Hill
International Photographer Londoner, World Traveller, Photographer for Central Park Resorts. central park
Mr. Paul Collins Master Planner of Central Park Resots
central park

I’ve yet to find a company like Central Park, which not only understood the nitty-gritties of design, but also transformed my vision for Central Park Resorts into a landmark of luxury. It won’t be wrong to say that Central Park Resorts isn’t just my finest project in Gurgaon, but also my first love.

Mr. Paul Collins
MD,HOK Asia Pacific. Master planner of Central Park Resorts and The Dubai Marina. Design Genius. central park
Mr. Balwinder Kalsi Resident of Central Park Resorts
central park

After 23 years of working with DuPont, my wife Binny and I were looking forward to start a new phase of life. Used to big bungalows and open spaces, we knew that finding a home in Gurgaon wouldn't be easy. Until we came across Central Park ResortsResortsResortsResortsResorts.

Mr. Balwinder kalsi
Ex- president, DuPont South Asia and ASEAN Director, Kia Ora Ventures Private Limited central park
Mr. Alberto Filineri Resident of Central Park Resorts
central park

Beautiful homes in a green environment. A safe and secure society for my kids to play and move around in, an ideal location with world class education institutes nearby... Central Park ResortsResortsResortsResorts is indeed 100 times better than any other place we've stayed in.

Mr. Alberto Filineri
Foundry Expert at Brambilla India central park
Mr. Mauro Venturi Central Park Associate
central park

As a hotelier across Europe and the Middle East for over 40 years, I was running 5-star properties, when I was invited to run a Resort-like residential complex in Gurgaon. The challenges were many, but a visit to Central Park ResortsResortsResorts changed my apprehension into astonishment and conviction.

Mr. Mauro Venturi
Italian National, Ex-MD of an International 5 Star Hotel Chain central park
Mr. Sukhpal Singh Ahluwalia Resident of Central Park Resorts
central park

I chose Central Park ResortsResorts as it takes just 25 minutes to reach from the airport. I like its open greens and its "no vehicles on ground surface" concept. With its world class facilities and a great neighborhood, you really don't feel the need to move out. Central Park won my trust as an honest and transparent company.

Mr. Sukhpal Singh Ahluwalia
A self-made First Generation British Billionaire central park
Mr. Dilip Puri Founder and CEO of Indian School of Hospitality
central park

As a Hotelier for 30 years, I was very impressed by the quality and eye for detail at Central Park. I loved the design, look, feel and the great sense of spaces, coupled with some great concepts of restaurants, club house, landscaping, zero vehicles on the ground.

Mr. Dilip Puri
Founder and CEO, Indian School of Hospitality and former Managing Director Starwood Hotels and Resorts South Asia. central park
Ms. Suhana Ahluwalia Resident of Central Park Resorts
central park

" Surprisingly when we visited Resorts after it was fully functional, it has everything that was promised and more, as well as a world class lifestyle which I have only seen in the West."

Ms. Suhana Ahluwalia
World Traveller. Homemaker. Proud Central Park Resorts Resident. central park

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