Amidst the
solemn atmosphere brought about by the lockdown, all citizens are trying to
find ways to pass their days confined to their homes, as well as find some
positivity to keep them going. Some are passing their time binge-watching shows
they didn’t have time to watch earlier, some are going for walks in their own
gardens, some are utilizing their free time on their hobbies, while some are
occupied with cooking, cleaning and washing up thanks to no house-help.
However, there is one real-estate developer that seems to be doing things
differently and is putting utmost effort into turning frowns upside down!

Park, known for always going the extra mile for the comfort and convenience of
their residents, executed a beautiful initiative to cheer up all their
residents and were not going to let them sit glumly in their homes during the
auspicious time of Navratri. Instead, the most was made out of this ‘lockdown’
where all residents of Central Park Resorts were requested to gather in their own balconies at 7pm sharp to pray unanimously for the wellbeing of
humanity. The aarti was amplified through the PA system so that all
residents could hear it clearly and chant along.

Marking this pious and immensely positive gesture, residents were requested to
light a diyaor shine torches on their phones in their respective
balconies across all 16 towers, in order to show their solidarity and oneness.
It was a spectacular sight and truly overwhelming to see how many residents
participated with the objective of bringing more and more positivity into the
surroundings. It is extremely crucial that at a difficult time like this, such
initiatives are adopted to keep the spirits of citizens afloat.

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