• Skyvilla

    Customer Experience- The New Differentiator

    The real estate industry is evolving with each passing year. There are numerous developers and builders that are trying to carve a niche for themselves in the market and create a benchmark that makes them stand out of the rest. The idea is no more restricted to delivering exceptional and user-friendly Premium flats, now the… Read More

  •  Central Park Clover Floors

    Technology in the Real Estate sector

    In recent times, India’s real estate industry is affected by numerous factors like government policies, demographics, and interest rates. As these factors are playing an important role in shaping the real estate sector, technology cannot be left behind. With the advent of technology, choosing a perfect home, which offers high-tech living, is not just a… Read More

  • central park skyvilla

    Benefits of leasing a house at Central Park

    As we embark on 2018, there is a multitude of changes and trends in the real estate market that will impact all aspects of the industry. The growing preference for renting or leasing a house for various accommodation reasons – corporate or residential apartments, is reshaping the way this sector is moving ahead. Home-owners have… Read More

  • clover floors

    5 Reasons that makes Clover Floor a wise investment

    At every stage of life, we keep looking for new ways to constantly evolve and give new dimensions to our lifestyle. Our investments often define our thoughts and reflect our persona. Whether we are investing in a luxury car or watch, or whether we are investing in a luxury residential apartments. In line with this,… Read More

  • Intelligent luxury homes equal to comfort and convenience/future scalability

    With the advent of science and technology in the current scenario, our generation is witnessing a transformation and a glimpse of the futuristic world. As technological innovation has started to penetrate in our lives, our interests and demands for high-tech living have also evolved. Now, it is more of a trend instead of a dire… Read More

  • Smart home to Smart buying: Book your home Online

    Buyers have evolved with time and they are constantly becoming more aware of how to spend their money and to invest in the right place. The buyers are craving for better opportunities that not only fulfil their requirements but also accounts for hassle-free buying. With technology intervening at every point in our lives, the process… Read More

  • Smart buying for the Smart consumers: How digital is transforming the experience of buying homes

    In today’s digital world, the market place and social networking have revolutionized the buying experience of consumers. Consumers are becoming smarter by the day and brands are eager to cater to their demands and also create mind space for more visibility.  From ordering food online to shopping via numerous apps living in luxury modern homes which… Read More

  • 7 different categories of homes

    India is a land of diverse cultures with different geographies and preferences of individuals. Each Indian house is different from the other in terms of architectural design, built and elevation. Central Park takes great pride in its customer centricity and believes in incorporating this notion at each step. Owing to this, they have chosen to… Read More

  • How I got convinced to invest & live in AFT

    I was looking for a luxury home to invest in and it is a difficult task to finalize one that you can make up your mind for and that assures you of the comforts and luxuries of life. Honestly speaking, there were not too many specifications that I desired in particular, as I wasn’t sure… Read More

  • Role of Banking in Real Estate

    Property rates are at a hike and investing in a real estate property without a home-loan becomes difficult and rare. With a plethora of home loan options available, buying a house has become increasingly convenient. Have a look at the benefits associated with it: 1. Dream come true Buying a home is probably the biggest… Read More