The Covid-19
infection has created shockwaves around the globe. Countries worldwide have
instated precautions to the best of their capabilities, from spreading
awareness, to fostering measures that can be adopted by their citizens to
protect themselves from contracting the infection.

It is
imperative that everyone do their part in safeguarding themselves, as at a time
like this, every small step matters. The responsibility of real estate
developers becomes equally important, whereby they must provide the utmost care
and safety of those residing at their projects. One such developer taking major
strides in defending their residents from this virus is Central Park.

The real-estate player is renowned to always
walk the extra mile when it comes to safety & security at their projects,
and for adopting environment-friendly initiatives for a healthier ambience and
lifestyle to foster the wellbeing of their residents and employees on top
priority. Central Park’s purpose is to care for their people
so that they can be their best. With 80% (approx. 20 acres) of Central Park Resorts being green area, coupled with
zero-vehicular movement on ground level – both air and noise pollution are
reduced. The developer has also pioneered as the first in India to install
anti-smog cannons at the top of each tower at the resort to combat the deteriorating air quality. This
dust suppression system uses high-pressure water fogging with turbo airflow,
which further creates very fine water droplets (10-30 microns in size). As a
result, these tiny droplets absorb even the smallest dust particles in the air
to improve the overall air quality and reduce the pollution in the atmosphere
by approx. 80% for a certain period of time, depending upon other factors
involved such as wind velocity, etc. In order to fight the Coronavirus, these
anti-smog cannons are now also used to spray chemical across the entire
condominium for sanitisation.

One of the initiatives taken by Central Park to assist in any unfortunate incidences
pertaining to the virus includesthe recent association between Central Park and
Artemis Hospitals. A newly launched medical room has been instated in the
basement, with a doctor from the Hospital available throughout the day, as well
as a male-nurse on-call 24/7. Other such efforts include the Hospitality Team
monitoring and keeping a careful watch on the latest updates about the virus, hand
sanitizers being placed on the handle-bars inside each lift, each
security-guard post, at the main entrances, and at the concierge of each tower.
It is ensured that hands of the manual staff are sanitized by the security
personnel throughout the day and the biometric machines are also sanitized
after every half an hour. Alongside this, all housekeeping, maintenance,
security and engineering teams wear masks due to their extensive interaction
with residents. In order to promote awareness, an Advisory Notice was
circulated to all residents, as well as notice boards and all lifts being
equipped with posters constituting protective measures that can be adopted,
besides informative videos (by UNICEF) being played on all TVs in the entry
lobbies in the basement.

Central Park understands that the
coronavirus, now coined as a pandemic, iscausing heightened levels of stress
and fear. During these dire times, it is their duty as a responsible developer
to do their part in contributing to the greater good and take as much
precaution as possible, in order to instil confidence in the residents,
partners & employees and to make extensive efforts in making their
questions and worries feel heard, with appropriate measures put into place.

Central Park cares!

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