World Environment Week fosters the importance of the world and surroundings we live in, and how we must do our part in helping save the most important asset we possess – Nature. Central Park puts close emphasis on doing their bit, in as many ways as possible:

  1. Zero vehicular movement on ground level – thus improving air and noise pollution levels
  2. 20 acres of greens
  3. Rainwater harvesting systems across the entire complex help to ensure problems such as overflowing roads blocked traffic and water clogging. Besides this, Central Park Residencial apartments contain 39 water harvesting pits, whilst Central Park Bellevue contains 7, which avoid water clogging. Owing to these measures, there is zero water discharge outside the condominium and there are barriers put into place to prevent entry of outside water into the premises as well as no water ingress into basements.
  4. Since the last 3 years, an underground water table is recharged, increasing the groundwater level. All water used in irrigation and landscaping is treated water from the 3 Sewage Treatment Plant, this water is also recycling for flushing purposes.
  5. Solid waste converter – waste is converted to compost and then used for plants (ex. waste from kitchen segregated and converted)
  6. Garbage segregation
  7. Expansive plantation – 50,888 plantations including plants, shrubs, bushes, creepers, etc. in the resorts over the last 7 years and these are added to every rainy season.
  8. LEED pre-certification
  9. Initiatives around the complex
    1. Signages to avoid littering
    2. 60 dustbins across complex
    3. LED bulbs in common areas, shifted away from CFL

It is a regular and consistent endeavour for Central Park to lay emphasis in helping to improve both the environment at large, and to also benefit residents who no longer need to face the unfortunate results of water clogging and overflowing blocked roads, and other such inconveniences.

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