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Real Estate

To the visionaries’, Central Park is not just a real estate brand but Boutique Concepts of Luxury that fuse warm hospitality and hotel like homes thereby offering luxury and personalised touch to its residents and owners. Over time this penchant of fine living has added to more appreciation and value creation for all those who trusted and believed in Central Park.

Customer Experience is the future battlefield for players vying for a class of consumers who know, live and appreciate finer things in life. Central Park believes that today’s consumer desires a 360 degree experience and not luxury confined to the 4 walls within his home. As one of the top 5 countries in the world with the highest number of HNIs, changing aspirations and expectations have fuelled the need for the best, ready and available!

At Central Park, we look at customer experience very seriously. Possession of the property is only the end of the beginning of our services to our customers Providing additonal Services, newer facilities, special amenities, conveniences and meeting small personal needs remain numero uno for us. The Room, is our endeavour of giving today’s generation a life of convenience fused with luxury in a comfort zone, typical of this generation. Apart from 5 star lobby, and fully serviced studios, the convenience of food on call, housekeeping, fitness &wellness and everything at hand, The Room has been a runaway success with the highest ever appreciation on capital and rentals. Central Park Resorts is also a living example of true up gradation of the living experience. From eco and child friendly- no vehicular traffic in ground surface to brawn game courts, fitness facilities, sprawling Green areas complete with fountains and flowing streams, well manicured lawns and neo therapies to wellness rituals, mantras and spiritual healing, the body and mind has many to be done full justice with. Social networking hangouts are aplenty as are facilities for kids. Nothing has been left out, even your valet, househelp also have a mess and gym facilities . Pet lovers, have the Central Park Resort as a perfect place to be in with the upcoming pet hotel. Housekeeping, concierge and many other desired for services makes us further our goal of Customer Experience beyond real estate.

Group Companies- Central Park

Group Companies- Central Park



The group’s foray into the hospitality segment reaffirms their vision of providing the high aspiring, and top of the pyramid business and luxe traveller both national and international hotels that rise up to match every need and comfort.

Central Park Hospitality marked its opening journey in hotels with the commencement of the five-star Le Meridian. The Aloft which is also from a Starwood brand hotel is going to yet another crowning glory at the Aerocity, adjacent to the famed T3 International Airport. Also on the anvil are top end luxury hotels in Goa.


BAXY Motors

With the expertise in automotive engineering, it is one of the few Indian companies manufacturing complete powertrain transmission and 3&4 wheelers in house. Single and Twin cylinder engine is manufactured under License from VM Motori of Italy ( A Fiat Group Company). The product range includes both passenger and goods carrier.

Group Companies- Central Park

VEGE Motors

ReManufactured Engines. An offshore vertical of the group is one of the largest producer of re-manufactured engines and is based in Tunisia, while its sales and distribution offices are spread across Europe. The company upgrades engines while adhering to strict quality norms and warranty equal to that of New Engine and has an annual capacity of 50,000 units.

Group Companies- Central Park


Specialized in manufacturing and integration of assemblies, sub assemblies for various applications across the globe. Almost 70 % of output is being exported to countries in USA, Europe & Asia. Its clientele includes many global auto giants. Few of them are General motors, Daimler, Fiat, Nissan, etc. With customer support office in USA and Europe, CEL is one of the preferred partner for its customer.

Group Companies- Central Park


Rapid Proto typing. Along with AA Modelleria CoDSo is developing proto for defence and automotive sector. Equipped with latest rapid proto machines, 3d printing, laser sintering, etc . Low volumes in Aerospace and defence sectors are also supported through this methodology of manufacturing.

Group Companies- Central Park


A Design house and Tool Making unit. It is a JV between Brambilla, Italy and Baxy group for designing, simulating and manufacturing of specialised tooling. They are specialised in key technologies i.e. Lost Foam, In Organic, Low Pressure, Gravity, High pressure, Shell Mounding and Cold Box. All of which are the backbone of all global foundries.

Group Companies- Central Park


CoDSo is a defence vertical of diversified Bakshi group, which started out in 1983. Today Bakshi Group has various business verticals in engineering, manufacturing, Proto Manufacturing, Designing and tooling, Auto Sector, Infrastructure development , Hospitality and Housing . The group is driven by the strength of its 5,700 employees working across 8 countries with a turnover of $400 million

Group Companies- Central Park

Group Companies- Central Park

Group Companies- Central Park



Infrastructure development and Mining. OSE have been supporting Indian government in building new India through infrastructure development and coal mining for power sector. They have successfully developed various large scale turnkey projects including the prestigious Noida Toll Bridge, F1 track in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India's first cement concrete road at Indore and The Yamuna Expressway linking Delhi to Agra .

OSE was also instrumental in laying the highest altitude airstrip in the world
for the Indian air force at Siachin.